Standing on the ground where two previous times I said “no”

Reasons to have doubted my capabilities and a hint of fear

Now, 5 years on from the last trip

I am on the path and looking beyond the valley below


Decided to go further

Not by bravery, or desire to explore

Simply accepting an invitation for the soul


I sliding down the hill, walking on juniper

Following the Kangshung Glacier river

For my body repeatedly to fall with rock

There were times that mind flashing the warning of hidden threat

But the heart somehow still to believe

I will be safe


A figure of man, kept his watchful eyes in the distance

In the openness of the landscape, I heard the song of his sorrow

To a past, when he loved, then it was all lost

This place was for his closure, taking new images to replace old memories


We shared the acknowledgement of aloneness in our silences

The sense of no longer attached to or be a part of

My spirit liberated, to have rediscovered myself

in Solitude


Passions and dreams, my mind continue explores and craving for more

The greatest gift of all: to love innocently, yesterday, today and tomorrow