Gemini and Sagittarius flew 3 million light years and landed on Earth

Sagittarius incarnates as a tree

Gemini has become its leaf

Beneath them is their vow


The tree has Sagittarius’s enormous strength

Stronger as time go by

Shaped by the wind and weather

It has afflatus of character and charm


The leaves born in the Spring

Flourishes in the Summer

and most beautiful in the Autumn

Finally falling in the winter

contently decomposing beside the tree


The leaves reborn again in the spring

The tree always holds the leaves close

as long as he could when winter arrives

They are completely connected and inseparable

Day after day, year after year

Their roots securely extended deeper and deeper in the soil

Providing the ultimate support


Libra comes from the southeast

She also went through a long journey

To find a tree that could connect to her soul

Familiar melancholy and sensibility

She stayed and glazed the tree day and night

exhilarating, passionate, and different

Perhaps a change of mind

from compassion and empathy to love

They bonded by longing of togetherness

desire for another existence 


This autumn is a full two weeks earlier

Then arrives the coldest December morning in ten 10000 years

The spirit of sagittarius has left

The tree weakened

The leaves fell one by one

until the very last


When spring comes again

Gemini no longer be a part of the tree

she will be the new tree