I was contemplating beneath the holiest peak, mountains of Himalaya

Haunting whisper from the Western Sea, travelled 5000 miles
Calling my name, and speak of his mind curious to know mine

His wisdom is the force of his power, I admire
His promise of romance and the hidden treasures upon my return, I can no longer resist

So I came………….

The tempo of his romance is the time of the tide
I was a rock; submerged in his flaming desire
I was a million pieces of sand; sang my heart after he left

The magic of his treasures as mysterious as the infinity of stars
Each one of them came with a curse, cannot be possessed
One moment I held it upon the palm of my hand, next moment it ceased to exist

So, I am staying ……….

For the romance and treasures
For the beauty of constant change
For the sorrow of impermanence
For everything he is