Cloud has passed the mountains, the rivers and the forests

There was one gaze from a man on the edge of the foreign land

She saw herself in his eyes, and she gave him her name

He spoke softly and tenderly, he called her name every day and night

They exchanged their thoughts in mysterious ways

 Cloud remembered being a human

At the end of the fortnight, she formed a figure of a woman,

She came for him, what she saw, she felt

Many days later …..

Their naked body inter-locked together like there was no tomorrow

What has happened was meant to happen
The unforgettable touches, The electrifying kisses
The slightest of sensitivity, The sensation of desire
The mind of the man brought her here, beautiful as she saw
The woman she was, she had surrendered completely, nothing more

What has not happened yet beyond all the reasons

The man lived on this land long before her, he knew what he saw
What he saw was, she was still more of a cloud than a women
The mind of the cloud awakened in the twilight of morning
The woman she was, she was not strong enough to stay

A cloud drifted above the foreign land, Into the open sea, eastward

She placed the memory of him in the mind of the woman, a woman she will become