Mt. Kailash, 6638m also known as Mount Kallas, or Kangrinboqe, lies in the Gangdise Mountains, which are part of the transhimalaya in Tibet. It is considered a sacred place to four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. It is believed that a peregrination of Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that purifies the spirit.

Gurla Mandhata, or Naimona’nyi ,  Gurla Mandhata, or Naimona’nyi ,  7694m, It lies on the other side of Lake Manasarovar facing Mt. Kailash. The lake and the peak are holy to the Tibetan people, many do full circuits of them and take many weeks to complete. If Mt Kailash symbolises power, Naimona’nyi represents grace. The flowing lines of the snowy slopes rise delicately above the azure lake; reeds blowing in the wind and wildfowl beginning their nesting season. It is a tranquil place, peaceful after the rigours of the mountains.

Lake Yamdro: known as “Jasper Lake” in Tibetan Language, it has beautiful vivid colours  and smooth water surface reflecting the blue sky and changes of sun light.

Lake Manasarovar: at the foot of the most sacred Mountain Kailash, you can truly feel the essence of the Tibetan landscape, water, grassland and snowy peaks in the distance.

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