His eyes locked to her naked form
Knowing so, she was confident in her poised curve
Kicking her heels to start, a pout to respond
Drawing a pause, a leaning pose to entice
Swaying and moving inwards rhythmically and melodically
With her tempting eyes
He can no longer hold the stillness
His body in motion, translating into
A gesture to encourage; A flick to conduct
A push of tenderness to engage
For her to return to his stretched and extended frame
His fingertips traced the highlight on her face
Evoking a yawning erupted from her heart
Passions expanded in distorted echoes of his pulsing heart
Their tangled eyes; Their legs intertwined
Their sensations merged
She let go of herself completely
With immense strength, he lifted her up in the air
Setting her spirit free and wild
The tides of time, unseen
Without knowing, it was their last dance