Trekking into the remote and unforgettable Kharta Valley – surrounded by the world’s highest mountains; Makalu, Lhotse and Everest

Mt. Everest Photography Expedition

This is not the tourist route to Everest Base Camp, this photography expedition aims to deliver you and your gear to the heart of the Himalaya, with my high altitude guiding experience, location knowledge and logistical support, bring you into one of the most spectacular and unique landscapes in the world.  Full itinerary will be send 3 months before our departure time.

Tibet is a hight, dry and windy place, but it does experience the monsoon climate typical to the rest of the indian subcontinent, although to a far lesser degree than south of the Himalaya. Cloud cover can be viable, but multiple layers of cloud from valley floor to higher on the big peaks can create hugely dynamic photography conditions.

We will be trekking for 8 days at altitudes between 4000m/13,123ft and 5390/17,683ft. If you do not have any experience of high altitude activities you need to be aware that you will most likely perform slower and use more energy the higher you go.

Tibet Expedition

To qualify for this expedition you should be capable of a full 8010 you day trek on rough trails in the mountains carrying a light camera bag. The fitter you are, the better you will enjoy the scenery and photography. 

A sturdy tripod would be considered essential on this trip, there will be a strong focus on blue hour, twilight and night photography. A full range of lensed from wide through to zoom will be useful, I will make some recommendations upon booking. 

There will be no power available for the duration of our trek – we recommend you bring plenty of spare fully charged batteries ( at least 6 ) to avoid running out. Wifi is widely available on the trip – the exception is good in most of accommodation; surfing the net is possible on most camp if your mobile date activated for using in China.

We are travelling together through some magnificent areas, but it is not always a picnic, and will often be tough going. if you are not keen on the food, suffer symptoms of altitude sickness, or are heavily attached to home comforts, this may not be the trip for you. There are no iced coffee in the afternoons or luxurious sheets to curl up in at night. A willingness to keep going when it gets a bit tough and a smile under pressure are hugely beneficial to not only the group harmony , but your own enjoyment of this unique experience. 

For 8 nights we will be in tents, one for each person unless you wish to share with a spouse or partner. Please let me know if your preference at the time of registration. During the trek toilet facilities will be behind a convenient rock! 

Tibet Photo Tour

Trekking ( Camp between 4300m – 4950m) In order to get you into the most incredible Himalayan landscapes, we will spend 6 nights camping in the remote and incredible Kharta Valley. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is unique in that the high alpine valleys are resplendent with spring flowers, rivers and glacier lakes, and it is these, juxtaposed with the world’s highest mountains.

You are only required to carry a small day sack containing your personal items – the rest will be carried by guides allocated for your assistance.  The trek will take us up to a high point of around 5390m/17683ft on our last camp, which is great for some night photography with three 8000+ peaks if weather conditions are looking promising.

Camp 1: 4650 meters – Ascending 750m, 5-6 hours trek approximately 6.5 miles – camp beside lake – first view of an 8,000 meter (26,000 feet) peak, Makalu. Trekking and camping in one fo the most beautiful places in the world, the Kharta Valley. This is a high alpine region with spring flowers, rivers and glacial lakes. All this with the world’s tallest mountains as a backdrop.

Camp 2: 3990 meters – Ascending 250m, descending 1000 meters 7-8 hours trek approximately 7.5 miles –  rhododendron and azelas flower as our foreground and snowy mountains are over 5000 meters in the distance

Camp 3:  4550 meters – Ascending 650m, 7-8 hours trek approximately 5 miles – Vista View of Mt. Everest and Himalaya Mountains in the distance

Camp 4: 4330 meters – lower valley  – wild flowers provide a great foreground for Mt. Everest. The trekking will be much less on this day.

Camp 5: We retrace our steps back to Camp 3, ascending back up 1000 meters (3,280 feet).

Camp 6: 4950 meters – We will ascend 450 meters (1,476 feet) over a 6 hour period approximately 7.5 miles, with amazing views of glacial lakes and panoramic views of Mt. Everest range in the distance.

Camp 7: Stay near Camp 6 – Depends on the weather

Last Day of Trekking: Ascending 400m, descending 1100m, 8-10 hours, approximately 10 miles