The clarity of her perception written within the warmth of highlights

and her ultimate desire hidden beneath the deepest shadows

As your eyes gaze every grain of sand in the early morning

I bend the lines to greeting you

Your kiss, such tenderness

Like shadow follow the highlight

Darkens with passion during the day and melts in desire at night

For the times I was there
In your unawareness, my awareness went further than my eyes can reach
Each breath I took, silently….deeply…. I inhaled tiny pieces of you
From that moment, you were bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

For the time I was not there
The sensual scent of a woman I left behind, on purpose
Lingering in the shadows; Multiplying in the waves of light
A dormant soul woken to know, how I never left ….

Arriving somewhere

The very incarnation of yourself

Alone in the sea of the sand

Will a tender kiss from first light of wintertime

Awaken your senses and the spirit beneath?