Dream of April


April comes in Summer’s dress Splendour in exotic yellow and red, shades of blue Her whispers in perfumed air, melts the land of rocks and sand Her pulsated dance, a possession for the wild eyes Her glowing pink, the secret colour of a painter Her flaming passion beholds a poet,  lost for words Image of [...]



Your grace well known, unchanged through the sound of time I know many of us have been near, to admire Some may even possessed a memory of you Or acclaimed to have known you more I came back, simply to be with you….. This time, your spirit invited me to enter further To find ancient [...]

Singing Sand


Walking alone on the beach long after passing of high tide Chaotic scene in some places, but my eyes seek to simplify Where each grain of sand is an unspoken word, resonating deeply inside An invisible kiss from the Sun, for me to falling love I stayed as long as I could, until the incoming [...]



Possessed by an illusion Caused by her own delusion Like a fluttered moth into the fire, in the pursuit of a passion   She lingered in his mind His voice echoed in her dance Like a butterfly’s kiss, to extend it's beauty beyond death   Trapped in his elusive desires Her open heart Acclaimed her [...]

Love poem to the Mountains of Tibet


Mountains’ mind Has immense depth of wisdoms, purely divine It unfolds timeless solitudes and change Waits for all soul’ pilgrimage I wandered across the high plateaus of Tibet; I trailed through the late Autumn snow storms; I unfurled deepened thoughts in many breathless awakening nights; Now the moment has came The space between us, simply [...]

Altitude Love


Watchfulness on this desolate land close to the sky, her oriental eyes; Beneath the ultraviolet light Freckles and wrinkles multiplies on her face; In the heat of thin air Her languid body falls sleep before her pondering mind; In the darkness of night Pulsing heart and dawning consciousness elates to another awakening under the starlight [...]