Welcome to Juanli’s blog. I came from small village in central China, and now live in Isle of Skye as a professional Landscape Photographer.

I write poetry about my perception of philosophy, love and life. Chinese language is very sophisticated and a very complexed history, I would love to introduce some of my understanding in Zen and Buddhism.

I will also sharing some of my journeys to places that I have strong connection to, such as Spain, Scotland and of course my home country China.

English isn’t my first language, I am learning everyday to improve my written skills , so I hope that I can compose my thoughts better through the years.

Cloud and Wind


Cloud from afar  Followed wind to his homeland Yet a place of unknown to her Beautiful mountains was constant challenge so she became stronger and endless ocean taught her about patience and tolerance The colours of the Water change by the second from blue to green,from bright to dark… How wonderful !   He held [...]

A Dream


I had a very horrifying dream this morning In the dream, I landed in a place that is unknown to me and wanted to go to another unknown place and the worst was A stranger took all the money I had with one simple trick left me stood there helplessly watching people come and go [...]

Story of life


Once we loved and beloved Yet years of contentment has fated to an end He departed with passion is truly a bliss to my hear and I see an old friend upon his return ... ...   Time has taught us the life cycle Attach and detach Merge and separate Live the moment We can [...]

Tree and Leaves


Gemini and Sagittarius flew 3 million light years and landed on Earth Sagittarius incarnates as a tree Gemini has become its leaf Beneath them is their vow   The tree has Sagittarius's enormous strength Stronger as time go by Shaped by the wind and weather It has afflatus of character and charm   The leaves [...]



  Mt. Everest         I approach as a friend under the shadow of your grace The sunset reveals an intricate charm By moonlight I edge ever closer Even the wind is silent tonight No words by the Rombuk River As the moment becomes complete Your rumours appear before my eyes And the stars [...]

Story of Rock


  Let me be this nameless rock along the coast, Tidal shaped me, and make my journeys to different corners of the coast possible, Light and water add gorgeous colors so I may shines for the moment of living, Until that day accumulated tidal break me, At last I will dance in the wind and [...]



Initially, I photographed almost exclusively birds, drawing my passion from natural subjects.       My love for the Sacred Mountains of Tibet is the greatest passion and aspiration, and I am greatful that I get to visit this amazing landscape every year.         Now much of my work is to find [...]