The mysteriousness of your mind came through The light of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars I could no longer withhold my resistance Against the pursuit of your desires for The perceptive senses of my earthly form When silence pulsing sound of ecstasy A frozen moment in time Where the invisible became visible Heaven [...]

Last Tango


His eyes locked to her naked form Knowing so, she was confident in her poised curve Kicking her heels to start, a pout to respond Drawing a pause, a leaning pose to entice Swaying and moving inwards rhythmically and melodically With her tempting eyes   He can no longer hold the stillness His body in [...]

A parting kiss


I went back to the waterfall The morning before I leave Seeking her celestial beauty once more In the lightness of being My naked soul was released and accepted In the shadow of unknown My innocent heart no longer held all thoughts of past or future In a moment of thundering silence I took one [...]



Many mortal soul came, to collect memories Many curious eyes parted, to seek what’s next  How I came so absent minded for the first time How I left without words and returned to All because she was on her passive mood A breath of my charm lulled a yearning in her heart How I mysteriously [...]

A love Spell


The Sorceress of the mountain Casts her love spell With an utterly enchanting song Summons the spirit of Western Sea The vitality of her passions expands far and wide Forms an Ocean floats on air The vortex of her burning desires Undulates in the waves of cloud Brings him sensations in the name of Eros, [...]

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