Desert Romance


The clarity of her perception written within the warmth of highlights and her ultimate desire hidden beneath the deepest shadows As your eyes gaze every grain of sand in the early morning I bend the lines to greeting you Your kiss, such tenderness Like shadow follow the highlight Darkens with passion during the day [...]

Secret Tryst


The Sorceress of the mountain Casts her love spell With an utterly enchanting song Summons the spirit of Western Sea The vitality of her passions expands far and wide Forms an Ocean floats on air The vortex of her burning desires Undulates in the waves of cloud Brings him sensations in the name of Eros, [...]



Initially, I photographed almost exclusively birds, drawing my passion from natural subjects.     I have spent 7 years in the Tibetan region and travelled to a few other Himalaya regions, the profound connection to the mountains gave me great inspiration.         Now much of my work is to find peace in [...]

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