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  Mt. Everest         I approach as a friend under the shadow of your grace The sunset reveals an intricate charm By moonlight I edge ever closer Even the wind is silent tonight No words by the Rombuk River As the moment becomes complete Your rumours appear before my eyes And the stars [...]

Mt. Kailash Photography

2018-12-29T19:09:21+00:00Locations, Mt. Kailash, Tibet Region|

Mt. Kailash, 6638m also known as Mount Kallas, or Kangrinboqe, lies in the Gangdise Mountains, which are part of the transhimalaya in Tibet. It is considered a sacred place to four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. It is believed that a peregrination of Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that purifies [...]

Hani Rice Terrace Photography

2019-01-16T13:42:57+00:00Classic Landscape, Hani Rice Terrace, Locations|

The Province of Yunnan seemingly overflows with ethnic diversity, different peoples; dressing in distinct costume and following their own customs inhabit villages just a few kilometers apart.  Yuanyang Rice Terrace has been developed for over 1300 years that covers nearly 17,000 hectares. It reaches as high as 2002m altitude, almost the upper limit for [...]

Yading National Park

2018-12-16T10:13:27+00:00Locations, Tibet Region, Yading National Park|

Yading National Park is a mountain sanctuary in the far south west of Sichuan Province, and a very important pilgrimage site comprising three peaks sanctified as emanations of the three boddhisatvas by the 5th Dalai Lama. The south peak Jambeyang (or Jampelyang, Yangmaiyong) at 5958m is the avatar of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. [...]

Shangri-la Photography

2018-12-29T20:02:56+00:00Locations, Shangri-la, Tibet Region|

Meili Xue Shan (Meili Snow Mountain), lies north west of Shangri-la town, and is bounded by the Salween River on the west and the Mekong on the east. The highest peak Kawagebo, “God of Snow Mountain” in Tibetan, which rises to 6740m is considered the most sacred by Tibetan Buddhists, and even holds an [...]

Zhangjiajie Photography

2019-01-07T16:41:51+00:00Classic Landscape, Locations, Zhangjiajie|

Zhangjiajie The sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan extend hundreds of meters above the valley floor in this well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s often wet and foggy, but with these changeable atmospheric conditions come innumerable photography opportunities. It was Galen Rowell who said to look to the edges for the most dramatic transitions, and here we [...]

Guilin Photography

2019-01-07T16:41:56+00:00Classic Landscape, Guilin, Locations|

Guilin - This unique landscape conjures up the true spirit of China, and has inspired Chinese artists for centuries, forming the core of their aesthetic culture. The splendid limestone karsts rise thousands of feet above the Li River Valley, creating layers of mystery as far as the eye can see. From spring to Autumn, hot [...]

Yellow Mountains Photography

2018-12-16T10:11:20+00:00Classic Landscape, Locations, Yellow Mountains|

Huangshan, The Yellow Mountains of Eastern China, have been an inspiration for artists for thousands of years.The amazing granite spires decorated in the beautiful forms of Pine Trees are often draped in low cloud, and it is these combinations that make the place so special. The Huangshan area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising [...]