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Beyond love


A desire from a curios thought His voice echoes in her sensational expression, such a delicious addiction The greatest gift of their open hearts She says “yes”, love connects Beyond love, his soliloquy of mind The immense depth of wisdoms, she cannot comprehend The beauty of space between them Solitudes await, love transcends  

Love poem to the Mountains of Tibet


Mountains’ mind Has immense depth of wisdoms, purely divine It unfolds timeless solitudes and change Waits for all soul’ pilgrimage I wandered across the high plateaus of Tibet; I trailed through the late Autumn snow storms; I unfurled deepened thoughts in many breathless awakening nights; Now the moment has came The space between us, simply [...]

Altitude Love


Watchfulness on this desolate land close to the sky, her oriental eyes; Beneath the ultraviolet light Freckles and wrinkles multiplies on her face; In the heat of thin air Her languid body falls sleep before her pondering mind; In the darkness of night Pulsing heart and dawning consciousness elates to another awakening under the starlight [...]

Last Dawn


Before I open my eyes The image of your elegant beauty greets my awakening mind When the night falls Your warm resonate voice in tune with my deepest desires If I am to evaporate Each layer of me painted a memory of you If the time comes to an end Let this lingering kiss to [...]

There is Love


Enchanted by a loving touch from moonlight, I woke up Watching every waves of passing cloud, with delight My heart looking into the hollows, where mountains are Enticed by imaging of the mountain , I rose up Dancing to the music from the west, by candlelight My feline body extending towards the moon, where you [...]

Secret Tryst


An entranced gaze from their heart She danced sensually in his heavenly whisper, simply art A prolonged look heated the fervent summer air Day and Night bonded to this singular love affair   A last lingering kiss in the end of the dawn Night parted with her heart when day begun The prophetic Sun ascending [...]

Desert Lover


The clarity of her perception written within the warmth of highlights and her ultimate desire hidden beneath the deepest shadows follow the lines and curves to that extended place she will be there waiting for you....         As my eyes gaze every grain of sand in the early morning I bend the [...]