I was grew up in a small Chinese village, but left to study and travel from age of 16. My biggest change was my first visit to Tibet in 2005, the instant connections to the Sacred Mountains gave me inspirations to life and led me to live there for 7 years from 2004 and travelled in Tibet Region extensively ever since.

Perchance, I moved to Scotland in 2013, and mostly lived in the remote Islands…..Where I discovered my passion for the Sea. Isle of Eigg and Isle of Harris are two of my favourite Islands that I can imagine spending rest of my life wandering on the shoreline and embracing the changes of the Sea in different light.

Poetry is a form of expression to my drifting thoughts, framing them in a romantic landscape scene…..

Photography is my extending artistry to what I see, what I feel, what I seek, what I love in the landscape….My work is to find forms and abstractions by simplify the chaotic scene in nature – on a ridge of the mountain, in the reflections of a rock pool or the mystery of the night sky.

I still live in Scotland. I am conducting a few seascape workshops in Scotland and leading photography tour to China and high altitude expeditions to the Himalayas every year.

Sand, dunes, abstrace, illusion,