Poetry is a form of expression to my drifting thoughts, framing them in a romantic landscape scene, with a sense of eastern philosophy…..

Photography is my extending artistry to what I see, what I feel, what I seek, what I love in the landscape….My work is to find forms and abstractions by simplify the chaotic scene in nature Рon a ridge of the mountain, in the reflections of a rock pool or the mystery of the night sky.

Between 2013 to 2020, I conducted photography workshop in Scotland, Iceland, Spain and China, especially high altitude expedition in the Himalayas.

I also love other forms of art, such as music, dance, painting, cooking, fashion and jewellery design. After living in remote places, talking to mountains and seas for a long period of time, my heart telling me to make a change. So, here I am, my rebirth in London, which I will continue explore life with openness of my heart.