I am Juanli, a Chinese photographic artist, live in London. The spiritual connections to the Himalayas, compelling beauty in Nature, passion for expressions are my aspirations in life.

Photography is a form of expression, a visual embodiment of my senses. Began with capturing sketches of seeing and feeling emotions in the nature of being. Then hours, days, sometimes years later,  how that sketch connected with a newer version of myself, a different perspective, distorted by movement of time and thoughts, merged with a new perceptions to colours, tones and forms…… to becoming the final image.

Each poem is a remembrance of passions and desire that can’t be recreated or forgotten, that recurring inside of my mind without being aware of its comings. Sometimes, it dissolved into the vastness of the silence; other times, it transformed in sound, imagery, and spoke of unsayable, to release that sensibility and intensity outward.