To become a professional landscape photographer requires a deep understanding of the landscape and develop many technical photography skills, we also rely heavily on articulate our own preference of colour, tones, mood, compositional arrangement, and perception. Only then with profound aesthetic sensibility, keen insight and extensive artistic expression can a photographer create a meaningful image.

I am a professional landscape photographer born in a small village in China, now I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Isle of Skye Scotland. The sacred mountains of Tibet is another great inspiration to my soul, and it’s my pleasure to share my passion and love for this unique landscape with you.

I hope that my images have conveyed my thoughts and how it connected to the places that I have visited. Now much of my work is to find peace in the minute details of the landscape and more likely to make images by feel. – under a leaf, on the ridge of the mountain, in the reflections of a rock pool or above the cloud, and most of all, the mystery of the dark sky.

Since 2012, I have guided trips from Scotland, Spain, Iceland and to my home country China. I offer a range of fix date tours to Tibet Region, Gobi Desert in China. From landscape, culture to high altitude expeditions in the Mt. Everest Region including Kharta Valley and South Base Camp; for photographers or travel enthusiasts.

Sand, dunes, abstrace, illusion,