I have been running photography tours and workshops since 2012. No surprise, that most of trips were going to some of classic landscape locations of China, because of myself, have been born and raised in China.

I moved to London in 2020, when outlook of continue running trip to China become impossible for foreseeable future as China closed borders because Covid-19. I took a new career path in working with children, and now, have developed a passion for my new job, providing me great delight and joy in exploring a life in London.

I do wish soon, able to travel back to China again, especially the Himalayas, the home of my spirit. With limited annual leaves from new job, possibly I can run one trip per year when China opens border again. I choose Gobi Desert, as it is a place where I can combine artistic expression and have a deep experience in nature together. Please register your interest(click link for more information), and I will get in touch when a firm date arrives ( Will be in September or October). The Himalayas will have to live inside of me for now, but I will return as an artist, perhaps in not too distant future.